How to use the basic functions of the Abyx Fit Air app?

Modified on Wed, 05 Feb 2020 at 01:32 PM

The basic functions of Abyx Fit Air smartwatch like step counting, heart and sleep monitor, sports modes, photo trigger, music control are triggered in different ways.

Step counting: The step counting is done automatically and requires no action on your part. Your smartwatch takes all your steps during the day and will reset itself every day at midnight. If your phone and your smartwatch are not connected when the smartwatch records your steps, just open the ABYX FIT AIR app and swipe down to synchronize the activity data recorded by your Abyx Fit Air on your smartphone.

Heart Monitor: The Abyx Fit Air smartwatch records your heart rate whenever you want. This function can be triggered directly from the watch or can be set in advance from the application.

i) From your smartwatch: Go to the Heart rate section of your watch then touch the screen so that your smartwatch detects and displays your heart rate in real time. To find out what your heart rate was at a specific time, go to the bottom of the page in the "Heart" section of the ABYX FIT AIR application.

ii) From the ABYX FIT AIR application: It is possible to program the cardiac measurements of the Abyx Fit Air watch from the Heart Monitor section of the ABYX FIT AIR application. You can choose how often your smartwatch will record your heart rate.

Sleep mode: Sleep mode is triggered automatically and cannot be configured. Your Abyx Fit Air automatically detects when you are at rest and estimates the duration of your light and deep sleep.

Sport mode: Your Abyx Fit Air has different sport modes: Walking, Indoor running, Running, Indoor cycling, Cycling, Hiking, Swimming, Yoga, Free activity. Sports modes are set and triggered only from your smartwatch. Once your sports session is over or your goal is reached please press "Save" from your smartwatch to synchronize your activity data on your smartphone.

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