The basic functions of the Abyx Fit Smart smartwatch such as the heart, sleep, calorie and distance monitor are automatic and will reset every day at midnight. If your phone and your smartwatch are not connected when the smartwatch records your steps , just open the ABYX FIT SMART app in the "" Home "" tab and slide the screen down to synchronize the activity data recorded by your Abyx Fit Smart on your smartphone. then go through each function in more detail by clicking on the corresponding line.

Regarding the different sport modes, you will need to launch them from your Abyx Fit Smart smartwatch. Then you can consult the data of your sports sessions by going to the "" Home "" tab. You will see a line showing the number of sports minutes. Click on it to access more detailed data.

The application also has the "" Course "" function in the "" Course "" tab. This function allows you to follow your movements during your sports sessions thanks to the integrated GPS of your phone.