Disconnect: In order to temporarily disconnect the watch from your smartphone you can turn off the watch or disable the Bluetooth from your smartphone settings. The watch will automatically reconnect to your smartphone as soon as the Bluetooth connection is turned on again.

Unpair: In order to connect your watch to a new smartphone, first you must unpair the watch from the app and forget the watch from your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings. 

2-Steps process for iOS devices: Firstly, the watch must be unpair from the app and then directly from the Bluetooth system settings of your smartphone.

Warning: All activity data which have not been sync to the smartphone will be lost if the watch is unpaired.

For Android devices:

  1. Select “Remove” at the top of the second tab.

  1. Select “REMOVE” and then open your phone Bluetooth settings in order to check that your Abyx Fit Milano has been removed from the list of paired devices. The watch is now ready to be paired with a new device.

For iOS devices:

  1. Select “Remove Device” at the top of the second tab..

  1. Select “Confirm”

  1. Open your phone Bluetooth settings and click on the blue icon on the right of the screen.

  1. Select “Forget This Device” to finalize the unpair process. The watch is now ready to be paired to a new device.